The ONNNIII Packaging

We understand the importance of packaging. 

To make sure that your orders arrive in their best state, we have worked with reputable packaging manufacturers to produce the cases and pouches exclusive to ONNNIII Jewellery. From design to materials selection, we have repeatedly polished and refined the drafts and samples. 


We keep three things in mind when we pack each jewellery piece:

- keeping your jewellery safe during shipping

- providing a great unboxing experience

- making it easy for you to store your new pieces

We make it our duty to wrap each of your purchases as a present without requesting extra payment for wrapping.

For Valentine's Day and Christmas, we also provide limited edition gift wrapping.

23/24 Holiday Season

Our specially crafted gift boxes for 23/24 Holiday Season boast a red/gold tweed texture, setting the perfect festive tone for both Christmas and Valentine's Day. Available in two distinct shapes – cylinder and shoulder bag – these unique boxes are guaranteed to make a statement among all your cherished gifts.

We go above and beyond what is required of us because we aspire to make your shopping experience with ONNNIII Jewellery a delightful one.

23/24 Holiday Season

Gift Wrapping

Limited Edition

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